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DeepWord Lifetime Deal Appsumo – Master Of DeepFake Video Creator

DeepWord enables you to create realistic, deep, fake videos with AI from text to audio easily. It also enables you to create videos with audio, text, and images cross-platform. With DeepWord Lifetime Deal Appsumo, you can generate deep fake videos within minutes.

If you don’t have the budget for a deep fake video, you can still use the idea of a deep fake.

Then, If you have a tool that can create deep fake videos in seconds, you can easily create videos that look real.

Imagine you had a tool that could generate a deep fake video of a person speaking any language you wanted.

Meet With DeepWord.

So, Let’s dive right into our discussion about DeepWord.

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What is DeepWord?

DeepWord allows you to create realistic deepfake videos by using AI-powered text-to-video and audio-to-video generators.

So, You can make celebrity video messages, personalized video messages, and fake videos in a matter of minutes.

It would be best for marketing and sales teams to increase outreach and engage with customized, personalized videos.

With DeepWord, you can create videos that talk in multiple languages from text or audio files with ease.
You can also personalize and distribute videos for your contacts by integrating your favorite CRM.

DeepWord Overview

If you want to engage with people more efficiently, then DeepWord is the best option for you. It can help you create videos more quickly and easily.

DeepWord Lifetime Deal Appsumo Features

DeepWord is an excellent tool that can save you time when developing your deep fake video. You can download the video when you need to share it with others, making your work easy. This tool can be used for marketing purposes, making your work even easier.


DeepWord Features

DeepWord’s deepfake technology can create realistic videos from text or audio files, making it easy to create personalized video content for your customers or leads. Here are some of the critical features of DeepWord:

  • Text to video
  • 25+ video actors
  • Custom video actor upload
  • Scaled video campaigns
  • Video analytic tracking
  • Custom audio upload
  • API access
  • MP4 downloads
  • Custom domain share pages
  • Fast processing time
  • No DeepWord branding and add your logo
  • DeepWord Review

DeepWord Review

Deepword’s APIs make it easy to customize videos for any of your contacts while scaling sales and marketing campaigns.

DeepWord lifetime deal Features

API access:

Deepword provides easy-to-use APIs that make it simple to customize videos for any of your contacts while scaling sales and marketing campaigns.

The API will give you the ability to control videos for both new and existing ones. The generation of your video and production costs will provide you with schedules for DeepWord and help you create engaging content.

DeepWord’s APIs ensure that you can enjoy seamless integration with any application or database.

Scaled video campaign:

This feature will allow you to identify different languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

There is no better tool for branding your videos and reaching a diverse, global audience than DeepWord. When you want to campaign for your business, make sure to use this amazing tool.

Custom audio upload

The audio feature lets you use your voice in the video so that people can trust your recording.

This tool is great for creating personal records using AI voice-over. You can upload the audio to a local file or YouTube channel.

Video analytic track

DeepWord helps you to keep tabs on your video views and engagement, allowing you to optimize your videos. This tool provides you with reports detailing viewers’ behaviours and how long they watched your video for.

The number of re-watches and rates drops will be visible to you. By examining this data, you will be able to gauge the overall performance of your video.

25+video actors

DeepWord will provide more than 25 different video actors to create your video. You will require to upload them to your files and YouTube URL, giving you a greater additional depth. This platform will also provide extra new videos to the forum and run out of your choice.

DeepWord Solutions

DeepWord offers a wealth of solutions for sales & marketing, education, tutorials, and more. With our easy-to-use tools and comprehensive support, you’ll be able to take your business or educational endeavors to the next level!

We can take a look at DeepWord’s solutions below;

DeepWord lifetime deal Features 1

Real Estate & Listings

For real estate, engaging and professional videos can be created with your photos and description.

In just minutes, you can upload and create engaging presentation videos that will capture your audience’s attention.

Sales & Marketing

You can engage your audience with personalized videos that communicate your message in a powerful way.

You can upload your contacts via CSV files, and CRM will automatically personalize videos for each individual.

After that, you can import the videos into your sales campaign, email sequence, or whatever you want.

Instant News & Articles:

Do you need help with your news videos? Are you looking for creative solutions? I can help you!

Drive into DeepWord to create breaking news or short NEWS videos with your texts.

Corporate Training:

DeepWord provides a simple way for you to create engaging training and onboarding videos for your organization, and update them as needed.

A stunning explanation video helps you to hire someone talented for your company.

Education & Tutorials:

DeepWord provides an easy way to create educational videos or tutorials with the right materials.

I trust you; you can create next-level instructional videos with the power of AI.

You can ace your math, chemistry, and physics classes by incorporating the proper elements into your videos.

Text to video:

DeepWord allows you to select the text and type of video actor you want to look at, and then generates a realistic video of your choice.

You can change your focus from gaming to content creation and spend less time editing your script. Ensure your video brand for the campaign attracts many followers.

Overlaying your video on a custom background is a great way to ensure that it’s seen by the right people and makes the right impression.

Deepword Editor

DeepWord is the perfect tool for creating amazing videos! With DeepWord, you can spend less time developing your deep fake video and download it when you need to share it with others. This tool is also great for marketing purposes and making your work easier!

DeepWord would be the best tool for your marketing, offering you faster engagement with different people. When you are looking for a better way to generate your videos, consider picking a personal generation tool.


DeepWord Pricing

Get started on their pricing plan today for just $59 lifetime deal. Click here for more information on pricing.

DeepWord makes it easy to upload your CSV files and automatically customize your videos.

It three different pricing plans to choose from;

DeepWord Lifetime Deal Appsumo Pricing

Free, Premium, and Pay as You Go. 

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • 02:00 Video Minutes
  • Text To video
  • All languages
  • 4 Video Actors
  • Custom audio upload
  • MP4 Downloads
  • Video-Sharing Pages
  • Moderate processing time
  • DeepWod Branding

Premium Plan $14.99/mo:

  • Everything Free Plan Features
  • 14:00 Video Minutes
  • Scaled Video Campaigns
  • 25+ Video Actors
  • Custom Video Actor Upload
  • Custom Audio Upload
  • Video Analytic Tracking
  • API access
  • Custom Domain Share Pages
  • Fast Processing Time
  • No DeepWord Branding

The DeepWord app is available for a limited time at the special price of just $59.00. Get it now and enjoy all the features and benefits for a lifetime.

DeepWord Lifetime Deal

DeepWord Lifetime Deal Appsumo

DeepWord enables you to create realistic, deep, fake videos with AI from text to audio easily.

LIFETIME DEAL ONLY FOR $59.00 | $396.00

  • Lifetime access to DeepWord Premium Plan
  • Everything Premium Plan Features
  • 20 video minutes per month
  • Unlimited video storage
  • 140+ languages and voices


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DeepWord is an amazing tool that allows you to create corporate training, instant news & articles, and education & tutorial videos in less than minutes.

Use the AI to create videos that are personalized to you.


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