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Heights Lifetime Deal Appsumo – Best Sell Online Course Platform

The Heights appsumo lifetime deal Platform is a customizable, all-in-one online course platform that sells your courses online. Heights Lifetime Deal On Appsumo.

Building the perfect online course can be challenging. It can take a long time to construct and may not have a great retention rate.

An online course can re-educate you and make you feel more knowledgeable. By exploring content management, web design, and progress monitoring, you will be ahead of the game before you even start your course.

A complete platform that allows you to focus on content and students instead of logistics is essential.

Then What if we had a platform that helped you create, manage, and sell your courses online?


Introducing: Heights Platform Lifetime Deal Appsumo.

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What is Heights Platform?

Heights Platform is the perfect way to create, manage, and sell your courses online. With its customizable features, you can make your courses look exactly the way you want them to, and sell them to a wide audience.

Then You can customize your online courses with your own branding using its drag-and-drop functionality.

Heights is a great alternative to Depositphotos and Filmstro.

There is no better way for solopreneurs, creators, coaches, and consultants to customize their online expertise than with ease.

Heights Platform provides a way for you to create and sell online courses, digital goods, memberships, and more. With this platform, you can reach a larger audience and sell your products or services more effectively.


The features it provides, such as challenges, points, badges, projects, and forums, make it easy to engage your students.

Heights Platform Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

Heights provide many features that make it easy to create online courses.

look at the features of Heights Platform below;

Heights Lifetime Deal Appsumo Features

Then Heights Platform is the perfect place to sell your online courses and digital products. With your knowledge, you can make money and help your audience get what they want.

Learner Analytics:

Heights Platform offers you data-driven insights to help you make more informed decisions for the future.

So, You will receive a daily report of new student sign-ups, lesson completions, and total lesson views.

Additionally, you will gain insights into which lessons are the most popular and which may need more attention.


Heights Platform helps you to design online courses, digital products, services, and membership communities that fit your brand and business.

Heights offers amazing online courses with fantastic rules!

Lesson Editor: It allows you to see the end result as you are creating. You can add videos, pictures, audio files, text, and digital downloads with a few clicks.

Climb Outline: then As you create your courses, it can be helpful to visualize their structure.

Multimedia Content: Heights Platform gives you the ability to create online courses according to your own desires.


You can upload videos and multimedia content, as well as create projects for your students.

Flexible Content Structure:  The flexibility of our course and product offerings makes it easy to tailor your learning experience to suit your needs.

Different courses can be grouped together as desired.

Website, Blog, & Landing Pages: So, Heights Platform provides you with everything you need to create your website, landing pages, and blogs. With everything from templates to design tools, you can create a professional looking website in no time.

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Fits Your Business Model: The payment method you choose for your online courses is up to you, and you can offer one-time payments or installment plans.

Collect Payments:

Then Payments can be sent directly to your Paypal or Stripe account.

To see the complete list of features about Heights, click here.

Community Building:

Then Heights is the perfect place to create a strong community and keep your students engaged.

You can create a community of free and paid students based on their subscription prices for your course or product.

Heights Platform Pricing Plans

Heights can be used to create an unlimited number of courses, products, or anything else you want. There are no hard limits on the number of students.

Then There are four different pricing plans to choose from.

Heights Lifetime Deal Appsumo Pricing

Click here to see other pricing plans;

Then Get Heights Lifetime Deal Appsumo Only For $99.00.

Heights Platform Lifetime Deal Appsumo [$99]

Heights Platform is a comprehensive course platform that allows you to monetize your knowledge with online courses, products, and services.

Heights Lifetime Deal


  • Lifetime access to Heights Platform Challenge Plan
  • Everything Challenge Plan Features 
  • 100 active students
  • Unlimited emails for 1,000 contacts
  • 1 product and 1 challenge
  • 2 lesson authors
  • White labeling


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Heights Platform Deal Final Thought

Heights Platform provides you with everything you need to create your own online courses or products, with your own branding. You can customize your courses or products to match your unique style, and reach your audience with ease.

You can receive payment without cost and provide a respectable community for increased involvement.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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