Kennected Video Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Kennected Video Lifetime Deal Appsumo – LinkedIn Automation Tool 2022

Kennected Video is an excellent video marketing tool that allows you to create and deliver bespoke video messages to your potential customers and clients.Kennected Video Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What is the correlation between cold emailing, cold calling, and knocking on doors?

In a world full of generic messages, sending a personalized message is one of the best ways to stand out.

So, With this handy tool, you can create, edit and share your own personalized videos with customers and prospects.

With Kennected Video, you can quickly and easily create personalized video messages that will grab the attention of your potential customers on their favorite channel.

Meet With Kennected Video.

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What Is Kennected Video?

Kennected Video is a powerful video marketing tool that enables you to create and deliver personalized video messages to your leads and customers.

To create and send a video message, customize your reach with your webcam or smartphone.

Enterprise sales organizations, SMBs, coaches, consultants, and more can all benefit from this!

Best For: This tool is best for sales professionals, marketing teams, and account managers who want to add a personal touch to their public relations campaigns.


Kennected Video Features

At Kennected Video, we believe that personalized public relations is key to success. We work closely with our clients to customize their video messaging, ensuring that their message is communicated clearly and effectively.

So, You don’t need to be a video editing expert to create personalized video messages. Quickly trim, merge and edit your videos before sending them without any extra tools.

The call to action buttons on your videos are essential in driving engagement and getting potential customers to take the next step. By encouraging them to schedule a call or send you an email, you increase the chances of making a sale.

This also allows you to add subtitles to your videos for easy accessibility.

Kennected Video allows you to send personalized video messages through your favorite channels to stay connected no matter where you are.

More Features

The depth of the analytics provides insight into how people interact with your videos by tracking clicks and other interactions.

The information can be compiled into a detailed report in either Excel or CSV file formats for easy sharing.

You can also take advantage of the Team Reporting feature to get additional incentives for using Kennected Video.

Features At A Glance:

  • Campaign Management
  • Contact Database
  • Contact Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Import/Export
  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Management

Kennected Video Pricing

You can get started with their pricing plan for just $89 per month. Click here for more information on pricing.

Kennected Video lifetime deal appsumo Pricing


Kennected Video Lifetime Deal – On Appsumo 

To stand out in your business, consider sending a Prosper message that will really capture attention. You can record a video and edit it before sending it to your leads for an extra touch.


So, Choose the best Appsumo plans for you.

Kennected Video ONE TIME PURCHASE OF $59$468

  • Every feature listed above is included.
  • 1 member of the team (s)
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • 1 TB of cloud storage
  • Translations and captions

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Hurry and grab the best AppSumo deals while you still can! Most of these deals will be gone within one week of their launch. If the Kennected Video lifetime deal has already expired, click here to find some similar apps.


Final Thought

If you need a lifetime package, don’t wait – they usually sell out within a week of being introduced on Appsumo. Check out all the future Appsumo discounts to get the best deal.


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