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Orai Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Best Confident Public Speaking App

Orai is the best platform for public speakers who want to improve their skills. The Orai Appsumo Lifetime Deal is perfect for anyone who wants to become a better public speaker.

Public speaking can be one of the most daunting and intimidating things. With so many people watching and listening, it’s easy to feel self-conscious and anxious.

What if there was a tool that made it easy to improve your public speaking skills, with mini-lessons and exercises that you could access on your mobile device?

 If only there were a Duolingo-style app to help you practice before your next turn on the mic.

Orin Lifetime Access Only for $59.

Say, Hello Orai!

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What Is Orai? 

Orai is a public speaking app that mini-lessons and AI-driven feedback to help you improve your speech.

Train to be a better public speaker using an AI-powered speech coach app.

Orai can help you to improve your public speaking techniques and communication skills in the workplace in as little as four weeks.

You can use the mic to practice your speech and get real-time feedback.

You can even access this tool right from your smartphone with the Orai mobile app for iOS and Android, so you can complete your public speaking exercises on the go.

Orin Lifetime Access Only for $59.

The Orai app provides you with personalized lesson plans that will help you improve your speaking skills and identify any speech habits. With AI feedback, you will be able to see your progress instantly.

You can prepare for presentations, self-introductions, and job interviews.

You can play back the recording and get instant feedback from AI, so it never feels like you’re speaking into a void.

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Confident public speaking is an essential skill for educators, consultants, and anyone who wants to be successful in these fields.

So, you can perfect your public speaking skills with user-friendly lessons, and you can exercise on iOS, Android, and even the web.


  • A variety of digestible lessons and exercises on iOS, Android, and the web to help you hone your public speaking skills.
  • Develop customized lesson plans to target specific speaking skills, identify speech patterns, and get immediate AI feedback.

Alternative to:

 LikeSo, VoiceVibes, Astound, and Toastmasters

Best for:

Are you a consultant, educator, or manager who would like to feel more confident when speaking in public?

Orin Appsumo Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

Orai is the perfect platform for public speakers who want to improve their skills. With bite-sized lessons, it’s easy to learn and improve your abilities. Plus, it’s created by the people behind TEDx, so you know the quality is excellent.

Orai gives you a personal speech coach in your pocket to use anytime and anywhere you want.

Orin Appsumo Lifetime Deal Features

You will be able to get instantaneous feedback on any speech in mere seconds, Orai.

We’re excited to announce the Orai platform today! This will be the first place where you can use these techniques to optimize your next talk. If you’re an impresario, we encourage you to think about using this site for your next TEDx event.

We share the research that inspired these ideas in this blog post, as well as early findings from those who have used them for their talks. These techniques could be applied to anyone else.

Progress Tracking with Orai is easy and convenient- you can track your progress in real-time and identify areas where you can improve your usage. Orai makes progress tracking simple and straightforward, so you can focus on improving your language skills!

Orai can help you gradually improve your speaking skills with just a few minutes of practice each day. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep at it!

Orin Lifetime Access Only for $59.

Orai gives you plenty of options for practicing, whether you want to read from a script, try your own custom script, or just wing it!

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The Orai AI feature is designed to help improve presentational skills and receive immediate feedback.


Sell online with confidence.

Orin Lifetime Access Only for $59.

Some of these include: Pro, Free, Profetional

Plans and Features

  • Lifetime access to Orai
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 4 license tiers
  • GDPR compliant
  • Only for new Orai users who do not have existing accounts
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

One time Purchase [$59] Features Included in All Plans

  • Basic lessons
  • Practice mode
  • Multi-accent support
  • Results sharing
  • Unlimited AI feedback

Orin Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Orai is an AI-powered software that can help you improve your public speaking skills by providing lessons and exercises. Get the Orai appsumo lifetime deal now to level up your skills!

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Orin Deal

Keep everything away! Orai is a great app that can help you improve your public speaking skills.

If you’re looking to share your skills with the public, Orai is a great option.

Lifetime access to Orai is available today!

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