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WP 301 Redirects is a plugin for WordPress that lets you scan your site for broken or dangerous links and set up automatic redirects, manage affiliate links, and control all your sites from a centralized dashboard.

Info: WP 301 Redirects

What Is WP 301 Redirects?

WP301 Redirects is a premium WordPress plugin that will help you create and manage URL redirects as well as actively monitor all traffic coming to 404 pages and, when possible, redirects users to pages they were ment to see.

WP 301 is a great way to redirect one page to another page in your WordPress site. Read on for more details about WP 301 Redirects #wordpress #redirects #301.

WP 301 redirects can be very helpful on a WordPress website. Here is a quick guide on how to setup a 301 redirect when moving a post or page to another URL. WP 301 Redirects is a way to redirect your URL’s to update the URL or just to update the location of the page.

If you want to know more about WP 301 Redirects watch the video.

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WP 301 Redirects is a service that helps you implement redirects to avoid a nasty 404 error. There are many reasons why you might want to implement a redirect, including moving a website or blog to a new domain, changing the location of a page, or redesigning a website. For example, if is moved to, a 301 redirect is used to ensure that all inbound links to the original page will be redirected to the new page.

Why Use a Wp 301 Redirect?

If you’ve been wondering why you should change your URLs in the first place, here are three common use cases for 301 redirects.

Are you ready to learn how 301 redirects work? Learn how to use them in your online business and redirect old URLs to new ones in just a few easy steps.

Info: WP 301 Redirects

How does WP 301 Redirects work?

WP 301 Redirects allows you to create 301 redirects for your site. You can easily create rules for your site, which will help you to keep your site’s integrity intact, as well as keeping search engines happy. By setting rules, you can easily create a redirect, but if you are having some trouble, refer to the instructions on the right.

How Does WP 301 Redirects Work? WP 301 Redirects PRO is the most advanced and most complete solution to redirects on the market today. It will improve your rankings and reduce your bounce rate. It is also very affordable making it one of the best options for getting your site to the top of Google.

301-redirectHere’s a breakdown of how the plugin works:

WP 301 Redirects PRO has the ability to use regular expressions so you can be more specific with your redirect rules. This is helpful in WordPress if you’ve moved your post urls around. The plugin will detect the change and create an automatic redirect for you.

The plugin also detects broken links and creates redirects for them. It checks WP 301 Redirects


  • Quickly and easily transfer your traffic to another site with Redirect Rules. Take advantage of these great features and see how easy it can be to transfer your site [redirect url].
  • We have several features that are available on our WordPress 301 Redirects plugin. Access them by following the Link.
  • The WP 301 Redirects plugin is really a lifesaver for many of my clients. It is a really easy way to redirect users from one page to another and is a good tool to make use of on your website. 
  • I love WP 301 Redirects. Not only do they offer a simple, easy to use 301 Redirect solution, they have great features. With one account, you can do more than one redirect.
  • Check out these features of a product called WP 301 Redirects. This product can create temporary redirects, so that the body and method of the request won’t change. It will redirect anyone who accesses a certain link, to a certain page. Many people use this for their own sites.

Info: WP 301 Redirects

Deleting/Replacing Content

Sometimes posts may not be relevant to your target audience anymore and may be confusing, misleading, or even boring your visitors.

You shouldn’t delete the post because that would confuse, mislead or bore your visitors as well as search engines. Your audience and search engines may be looking for the post and they won’t be able to find it.


Nstead, you could just delete the post and redirect the traffic to another page. You could even redirect the post to the homepage of your website instead.

Pro Tip: WP 301 Redirects is a blog that provides tips and information about how to better manage websites, and avoid having issues with the WordPress platform. The company recommends utilizing staging sites to make changes and test them before deploying them to a live site. 

Pro Tip: If you are experiencing any difficulties when setting up Redirection, then I have the solution for you. This blog post from the Redirection team at Yoast will give you step-by-step instructions to ensure that your Redirection plugin is set up perfectly. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to check that the new URL has the correct protocol (http/https)

How Do I Implement a 301 Redirect?

301 redirects allow you to move a page on your site to a different location. For example, if you change the URL of your blog, you would need to 301 redirect the old URL to the new one. You can use a plugin, or you can use code to 301 redirect. Here’s a complete guide to implementing a 301 redirect.

When Should I use 301 Redirects?

If you are completely revamping your website, or re-organizing your existing WordPress content, then a 301 redirect is the best way to handle it. 

Looking to redirect your visitors to another page on your site or another page on a different site? You have many options to chose from.

  1. ( 1 ) You can just give your visitors a simple cutoff message.
  2. ( 2 ) You can direct them to a different page on your site.
  3. ( 3 ) You can setup a 301 redirect, which is when a visitor is sent from one page to another, but that other page has the same content as the first.
  4. ( 4 ) You can use a 302 redirect, which sends your visitors to another page, but that other page doesn’t have the same content as the first.
  5. ( 5 ) You can setup a meta refresh
  6. ( 6 ) You can use Google webmaster tools

Is This Plugin Dangerous?

No, it’s not dangerous. The most popular plugin that has been used by over a million people has been making some noise in the WordPress community in the past few weeks.

The plugin in question is WP 301 Redirects, created by Michael Torbert. The plugin is used to configure 301 redirects (a permanent redirect) to your posts and pages if you ever change the URL structure of your content.

It is a common practice to do this when you change themes, because the old URLs may point to the wrong content with the new theme. The plugin does this by adding a small piece of code to the end of your content.

Info: WP 301 Redirects



WP 301 Redirect can set up your site with an easy-to-use dashboard.

WP 301 Redirects gives you complete control over your site’s redirects, plus lets you monitor your site’s redirects, and 404 logs, from the WP 301 Redirects dashboard. 


WP 301 Redirects is a must-have tool for any WordPress site. It allows you to monitor: Sites, Redirects, 404 logs, and Actions, all remotely, and all without logging in to individual sites.

WP 301 Redirects is an incredibly easy way to monitor your WordPress sites, remotely perform actions, and redirect unwanted traffic.

Info: WP 301 Redirects

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